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Mark, I don't know if you remember, but due to the way Outhouse does email
(remember I'm a Win guy not Linux) I can't make the responder reply to the
person that actually posted the message, only to the list or to the reply to
address set by the poster IF they set one.

So... I just setup a subscription with ONLY the Other topic selected and
told it to respond to all message with that post and the same subject line.

Please keep in mind that the ENTIRE point of this thing is that EVERYBODY
else turns OFF "Other:" once they get used to putting the tags on. No one
but new subscribers has Other on. So when the newbie subscribes, ignores the
welcome message and posts "Hi, How do I unsubscribble" or "please measure
10k degrees heat in combustion chamber" YOU DON'T SEE IT. He gets an instant
response that tells him, again, how to tag posts and how to get off the

I'm totally amazed that I can't get that across.

Again. Once you get the idea of tagging the topics, you turn Other off by
SET PICLIST TOPICS: -Other to LISTSERVspamspamspam_OUTMITVMA.MIT.EDU or, in most email
clients, click here:
LISTSERVTakeThisOuTspamspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU?body=SET%20PICLIST%20TOPICS:%20-Other> Then the autoresponder and the "Duh.. how do I unsubscribble?" posts all GO
AWAY. Only people with Other on see them.

Can someone who is getting this please help explain it to everyone else?
Preferably one of the several hundred who posted a "TOPICS_YES" post to me
when I originally presented the idea and asked if we should try it.

Or if you have a Linux server that can autorespond to untagged posts, using
the buried "on behalf of" email address of the original poster....

Or just put me out of my misery and let me go back to doing it to old way...

James Newton, PICList Admin #?
1-619-652-0593 phone

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> > of miss tagged posts, and the autoresponder and all that and you will
> > ONLY the properly tagged message about [PIC]: or [EE]: or what ever you
> > want.
> >
> > All you have to do is send SET PICLIST TOPICS: -Other to
> > .....LISTSERVKILLspamspamKILLspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU or, in most email clients, click here:
> > LISTSERVspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU?body=SET%20PICLIST%20TOPICS:%20-Other> > > Then the autoresponder and the "Duh.. how do I unsubscribble?" posts all
> > AWAY.
> >
> > As the autoreply message says. Please help me phrase it more clearly so
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> > of
> > > >the following at the start of all posts to the list
> > > >
> > > >[PIC]:
> > > >[EE]:
> > > >[OT]:
> > > >[AD]:
> > > >
> > > >and B) turn off your subscription to the other channel that this
> > > >autoresponder will clutter up by sending SET PICLIST TOPICS: -Other
> > > >TakeThisOuTLISTSERV.....spamspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU or, in most email clients, click here:
> > > >spam_OUTLISTSERVspamspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU?body=SET%20PICLIST%20TOPICS:%20-Other> > > > >
> > > >---
> > > >James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
> > > >
.....jamesnewtonEraseMEspamRemoveMEpiclist.com 1-619-652-0593
> > > >PIC/PICList FAQ: http://www.piclist.com or .org
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