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IMO the way this would work best is that:

1)  The poster sends their message to the list server.
2)  The autoresponder and those subscribed with "All Topics enabled" or
in index or digest mode, would then get that post.
3)  The autoresponder would notice that the post didn't adhere to the
4)  The autoresponder would then post to the *sender*.
5)  The sender would then realize their error, fix the message's Subject
line, and re-send with a proper Subject line syntax.

I'm guessing Digest mode is going to get less popular for a week or two,
as we train everyone, BUT once we're all re-trained this should only
happen for new posters to the list, so things will self-repair <G>
Think of it same as changing from Parallax to Microchip assembler - it's
different, you get some assembler errors for a while, then things get

(James, is planned to have autoresponder post to whole list or just the
"one who's flirting with 'the Other side'"?


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