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Thread: [PIC] How to measure level of liquids and sense relativehumidity?
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Mark  wrote:
>> Plus, I suspect you could use 2 or more thermistors arranged
>> vertically within the tube, plus a little math, to actually
>> determine the level, not just whether above/below one point.
>True on multiple height determination - though (despite my being pretty
>good in math) I don't see where the math's needed/applicable.  I thought
>with 3 hot beads, you'd know one of 4 states, {"Height < A" || "Height
>>= A" || "Height >= B" || "Height >= C"}, don't see how you can determine
shades of height between say A and B (putting A lowest, C highest here, to
clarify.)  Am I missing something?  Has been a "Bad Brain Day" to some
degree <G>  (There's not a big difference for thermistor B in temperature,
between temperature for water say 1 foot below it and 1 inch below it,
barring splashing, is there?  Has been a while since I last hot-beaded <G>)

Not that I've ever tried this, but I figure the temperature variation
would distribute itself along the tube in some manner [to be measured
and calibrated empirically], and the math would be some weighted
averaging routine. Just a thought. The sorta thing you try once, and
immediately get a strong hunch whether it will ever work or not.

- Dan


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Subject (change) [PIC] How to measure level of liquids and sense relativehumidity?

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