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Thread: Flash and EEPROM based file systems
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> anyone have any code dealing with implementing a file system on either
> FLASH memory or any other type of memory.. I'd like to get a 1 MB flash
> chip and put a small filesystem on it but rather than try to design the
> thing myself I'd like to sample what's out there.. I haven't turned up
> much. I plan on using the Atmel SPI Flash memory chips and figure that
> with a 16 bit pointer I could have access to 4 MB I want to make a tiny
> file server :)

I have plans for the same type of project.  Maybe we (and/or some other
members of the list) should join together and make this reality.

The driver _I_ need has these properties:

- written in ANSI C

- offers ANSI C inspired functions for file access (fopen(), fread() etc)
 but does implement only the basic functionality, no need for 100%

- optimized for write-once-read-many files (data) and append-write (logfiles).
 With "optimized" I don't mean that other access profiles are forbidden,
 just that those might suffer an impact in speed.

- data, once successfully written, is guaranteed to remain intact. only
 files currently written to might be lost on powerfail/crash.

- as little traffic over the SPI as possible.

- where possible, stick to 64bit boundaries for data fields (for example in
 directory or file list blocks) to support later addition of encryption.  Most
 older crypto algorithms work on 64bit blocks.

Do you see enough convergence for a co-development? Please send me email (list
or private) when you're interested in working on such a file system.  I'm
quite experienced with the technology and limits of flash, and am convinced
that my capabilities cover this project completely..  If only the day had
35 hours..

<3934ED0A.2138EF54@aargh.franken.de> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/mems.htm?key=flash
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