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Thread: Embedded Internet enabling methods: Which?
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> PC104  form factor does not fit the requirement: space, peripherals and cost

OK. I went back to your original message. It didn't have any specific
requirements in terms of internet connectivity. What are the physical and
internet protocol that you require?

Also I'm not real familiar with the 80386EX. Can you explain how it
compares in cost and form factor to PC104? Also does the 80386EX have the
80386 MMU? If that's the case you could possibly run an embedded copy of
Linux on it with very little problem, completely solving your internet
connectivity problem.

Lastly 8051's don't have any better ability to access "lots" of external
memory than the PIC does. The 17CXX series can access 128K of ram directly
whereas the 8051 family only can access 32K directly IIRC. Beyond that you
get into back switching and then all bets are off, right? So what's the
definition of "lots" of memory?

Then of course is the speed issue. At the top end you have 8051 derivitives
with 24 Mhz clocks and 3 clock cycle instructions giving up to 8 MIPS.
17CXX parts have a top speed of 33 Mhz with 4 clock cycle instructions giving
up to 8.33 MIPS with most non jump instructions running in a single cycle.
Just wondering why you'd switch from an 8051 family part to a 80386 but
dismiss the PIC as a possibilty.

The bottom line is that if you're going the mostly software route then
the capabilities and performance of the part is critical. A cursory comparison
has PICS matching capability and outpacing performance of 8051s at each

BTW Neither will effectively support a completely implemented TCP/IP stack.

You've never stated if UDP/SLIP, UDP/PPP, or UDP/IP/Ethernet would satisfy
the application's needs? A full UDP stack is doable on a uController while
a full TCP stack will require some help.

I'm interested because I had a couple of my students doing a UDP/SLIP
implementation on a 16F87X part. They succeeded in pinging before the end
of the semester. UDP still to come.


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