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Thread: [WKB] Need help with MAX 762 DC-DC converter problems
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<x-flowed>Hi All
I've got a MAX762 step-up converter circuit--straight off Maxim's data
sheet that won't start oscillating under what should be data sheet approved
voltages, parts, etc.

If anyone has direct experience with this part, I'd sure like to hear from
you--off list is fine.
Give me a phone number, and I'll call with the details.

Just Switched to Cable-Net.   If you get duplicate messages, please let me
know asap.

William K. Borsum, P.E. -- OEM Dataloggers and Seismic Instrumentation Systems
<borsumspamspamBeGonedascor.com> & <http://www.dascor.com>San Diego, California, USA


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Subject (change) [WKB] Need help with MAX 762 DC-DC converter problems

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