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Thread: Pic tools & scenix chips ?
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The compiler I wrote (Jal) targets both scenix and a few pics. It creates
(apart from a hex file) an asm file that can be assembled with mpasm. A few
macros take care of the scenix-specific instructions. You could take a look
at the header of the created asm file and copy the macros.

PS I added a colon after the [PIC] so maybe you will not receive this

> I want to try to use Scenix chips as a faster pic, but I don't want to
> mess around too much learning the Scenix stuff. I want to stick to
> Pic mnemonics. Is it possible to use Mplab to write code for
> scenix?

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ubicom/devices.htm?key=scenix
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