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Thread: Pic tools & scenix chips ?
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> I want to try to use Scenix chips as a faster pic, but I don't want to
> mess around too much learning the Scenix stuff. I want to stick to
> Pic mnemonics. Is it possible to use Mplab to write code for
> scenix? How about hi-tech compiler? Are there include files that
> would help do this? I realize that the simulator wont work, and the
> programmer has to be specific for the scenix. I do want to run the
> scenix at 50Mhz, or there would be no reason to use it instead of a
> pic.
> If anyone is using scenix with existing pic tools I would appreciate
> any pointers for how to do it.
> Thanks,
> Don

I seem to remember seeing a workaround somewhere take a look at this I`m
pretty sure the link is on there http://www.svtehs.com . However I think it will
probably end up being more trouble than it`s worth. I have fairly limited
programming experience but once I had grasped the concepts it dosn`t really
matter the language you use. This is especially true with assembler where
there is a limited command set anyway. At the moment there is no schematics
for a debugger so I would recommend the SX-KEY, i use one of these and have
found it to be very usefull. As for the HI-TECH compiler, as far as I am
aware unless they have altered it since I last asked them it does not work
with the SX. However there is a shareware compiler available from
It`s pretty good apart from the lack of built in routines and it`s very
cheap to register.

I would defintely recommend the SX if you have the patience. Unfortunately
there is very little support compared to the PIC and you will have to figure
some stuff out for yourself.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ubicom/devices.htm?key=scenix
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