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Thread: [ADMIN] Did the filtering scheme get abandoned?
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Don B. Roadman wrote:
> I'm still getting some posts marked [OT] after I used the new
> commands to reject these posts. I'm wondering if it was
> abandoned, or if I did something wrong. I did get a response from
> the server indicating that the removal of [OT] was sucessfull, but
> still get them (I dont know if I get all of them or not).

It has not yet been adandoned.  The reason you are still getting
posts labelled [OT] is because many folks *still* aren't using the
tags correctly.  To correctly use the tags, there *MUST* be a colon
directly after the tag.  And many folks are forgetting the colon.
Either that, or just not even bothering with the tags at all.

This is kinda important, so I'll go over it all again:


The topic tags are:
[PIC]: - for discussion of Pics and Pic related hardware (such as
        Pic programmers).
[EE]:  - Discussion of topics not necessarily directly related to
        Pic micros, but of interest to the EE community.
[AD]:  - Posts of a commercial nature, such as iems for sale, also
        items wanted to buy.
[OT]:  - Posts that don't fit the above topics.

The tags go at the *beginning* of the subject line, not at the end.
When replying to a tagged post, the Re: of Fw: that the email program
puts on the front of the subject line is okay - the server can deal
with those.


::wanders off mumbling::  Wonder if that'll get it across ...
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Subject (change) [ADMIN] Did the filtering scheme get abandoned?

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