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Thread: Embedded Internet enabling methods: Which?
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I don't get it whit this Internet stuff. Abviously a complete web-browser
will not be viable with
a PIC processor. But as everyone will have seen, (app.notes, circuit
cellular, etc.) one could
implement just SLIP and UDP to send packets to a server wich will receive
these packets
(even appending data to a ping command could be used).

Also, implementing an SLIP/UDP/SMTP protocol implementation will allow your
to send it's data by email to you.... wich i think would be very nice!

I don't think for this an x86 processor will be needed... ofcourse if you
want to implement
more web-functionality, more *memory* will be needed. But as mentioned
before, not more MIPS,
becouse i think that one isn't going to connect it's application via an
T1-line to the internet, so
speed should not be an issue.....

Tom, No offence intended to the ones that think an x86 is needed, becouse
you perhaps have
a different idea of the general 'internet application' than i do...


Jilles Oldenbeuving
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Onderwerp: Re: [EE] Embedded Internet enabling methods: Which?

>I definitely don't intend it for PIC , I'll need at least an 8051 with lots
>of external memory, or 80188, or 80386EX or...
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