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Thread: Linux Netscape mail limited to one POP?
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James Michael Newton wrote:
> So am I missing something or is the Linux version of the Netscape messaging
> program really limited to one pop server as it says? It only want to setup
> multiple accounts if you are using imapi servers... isn't that the Microsoft
> standard?

Last I checked, the Windoze version of Netscape has the same limitation.  And
I'm not positive, but I think IMAP was done by one of the standards groups.

> I have 5 email accounts and need to read mail from all of them. Each has a
> pop3 server that I need to connect to.
> Any advice on how to work around this limitation would be appreciated.

I'll say the same thing Ian does - take a look at fetchmail.  It can be set
to check as many different accounts as you want.  It's pretty easy to set up.
For example, I've a few different addresses myself.  One of 'em is from my
ISP and one's from the University.  I've got fetchmail getting both of 'em
for me.  The way to do it is via the file ~/.fetchmailrc  Here's mine:

----- begin .fetchmailrc -----

# get mail from my ISP's POP server
poll mail.earthlink.net protocol POP3:
       user reznaeous
       password my_passwd_here;

# get mail from the university's POP server
poll wvu.edu protocol POP3:
       interval 15 # check only every 15 iterations
       user mwerner
       password my_passwd_there;
----- end .fetchmailrc -----

And I use an accompanying shell script to fire off fetchmail in daemon mode
as soon as I log in and shut it back down when I log off:

----- begin fetchmail.sh -----
#! /bin/bash
LOGCOUNT=`who|grep mike|wc -l`

case "$1" in
   if [ -e ~mike/.fetchmail.pid ]
   fetchmail -d 120

   if [ -e ~mike/.fetchmail.pid ]

   if [ ! -e ~mike/.fetchmail.pid ]
   if [ $LOGCOUNT -eq $MAXCOUNT ]
     fetchmail --quit

exit 0
----- end fetchmail.sh -----

To use the fetchmail.sh, I've an entry in my .bashrc along the lines of:
/home/mike/fetchmail.sh start-daemon
and in my .bash_logout is:
/home/mike/fetchmail.sh stop-daemon

So, what I think I'd do in your case is use fetchmail along with an
MTA (I use exim - it was fairly simple to configure) and point Netscape
at the local mail spool, which would be /var/spool/mail/$USER  For
outgoing mail you could just have Netscape do the sending.  The one
thing I'm unsure about is getting fetchmail through that proxy you're
using.  Since I've never dealt much with proxies, I'm not sure what
settings might be needed.
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