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Thread: Embedded Internet enabling methods: Which?
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> I am anticipating a design for an embedded system, probably
> 8031-derivative
> based,  that will include internet connectivity. My quetion is:
> what is the
> route to take? there are several ways to do it, of which I found
> the next 3
> as possibilities:
> 1. Using emWare embedded software package, embedding TCP/IP etc.
> in software
> 2. Using SEIKO TCP/IP stack chip
> 3. Using Dallas TINI board

Since you are familiar with the 8031 may already have tools and code that
can be re-used, you might want to look at the iKit2000 from All-American.
It is a development system with proto-board and software that supports the
new Triscend CSoC (configurable system on chip) 8051 based controller along
with the Seiko S-7600 chip.  I believe the cost is around US$700.  I have an
earlier Triscend development system (without the Seiko chip) and have been
very happy with the time its saved us developing new applications.


Mark Walsh


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