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> Actually, I'd expect NONE of the US FCC rules to apply in the UK.
> However, most countries have very similar rules on unlicensed
> transmitters.

Indeed, the rules are in effect pretty much the same. All devices must
be type-approved though, there's no home hobbyist exemption AFAIK. This
system is due to be scrapped in favour of "self-certification" of
compliance by manufacturers by next April.

I suspect that if Andrew S is fitting his device at the feedpoint of a
small Yagi (probably the best solution), he would not be complying with
the spirit of the type approval - and probably the letter of it too. On
the other hand, it looks like the federales have bigger fish to fry.

The relevant UK authority is the Radiocommunications Agency

There's a good detailed paper on "licence exempt" devices too.
http://www.radio.gov.uk/document/ra_info/ra114/ra114.htm  includes
references to all the relevant specification documents, which can be
researched from the front page.



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