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Thread: Embedded Internet enabling methods: Which?
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Damon Hopkins wrote
>TOM THERON wrote:
>> Hi there all,
>> I am anticipating a design for an embedded system, probably 8031-derivative
>> based,  that will include internet connectivity. My quetion is: what is the
>> route to take? there are several ways to do it, of which I found the next 3
>> as possibilities:
>> 1. Using emWare embedded software package, embedding TCP/IP etc. in software
>> 2. Using SEIKO TCP/IP stack chip
>> 3. Using Dallas TINI board
>> I currently vote for 1st option, because it does not add hardware cost like
>I just wish there was a free full TCP/IP implementation out there for
>the PIC :)  I dread having to write my own.

Check out the PIC Internet Appliance article in the latest June issue
of Poptronics mag. In involves both PIC 16C877 or 12C671, and the
firmware is emWare. The article says s.w. is free-free-free. I ordered
the kit [$80] and received it on Saturday - a bag of parts with **1**
page of documentation, saying only goto the site and download the s.w.


Looks like an easy/cheap way to enter the embedded internet game.

best regards,
Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies


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