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Thread: Flash and EEPROM based file systems
face BY : Jilles Oldenbeuving email (remove spam text)

>I was thinking of a fat16 type of system I'll work of my hand scribbled
>notes into an HTML document if anyone would be willing to look at it and
>HOPEFULLY give me suggestions or ideas.. the main purpose of the file
>system would be to have multiple files that are mainly read. there
>should be very little writing.. I'm thinking about this as being used in
>a web server type application.
>                        maybe I should write it out in HTML anyway just to
MAKE myself be
>more specific :)

Maybe you have to go something like this:

Go flash. Then, just make a sort of adapted FAT system. Loose all the
data/time/atrrb information so that you only
retain 8 byte namen 3 byte extention (no dot between them, it just takes up
space), and a pointer to a particular
memory space where the file is located. In the first 2 bytes or so the
length is recorded for the file, so you know
where the file ends. E Voila!
But when you've got to alter the contents of your FLASH-DISK, just flush the
whole thing and write a new adapted file-
table. Ofcourse you will write a VB application or so for that task....


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