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Thread: Embedded Internet enabling methods: Which?
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Hi there all,

I am anticipating a design for an embedded system, probably 8031-derivative
based,  that will include internet connectivity. My quetion is: what is the
route to take? there are several ways to do it, of which I found the next 3
as possibilities:

1. Using emWare embedded software package, embedding TCP/IP etc. in software
2. Using SEIKO TCP/IP stack chip
3. Using Dallas TINI board

I currently vote for 1st option, because it does not add hardware cost like
2. and also does allow freedom in hardware design, unlike TINI. Also it
seems TINI still presents a lot of problems if you look at their usergroup
list of confusions.

What is your possible experience with any of these methods, or anything else
I do not know of? I'd like to get some real objective comparison, if
possibly somebody worked with more than one method.

What do you think about Java and the future of  emmedded internet? - (this
is the focus of  TINI, I believe)


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