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Thread: Linux help for a Windows Networker?
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Damon Hopkins wrote:
> James Michael Newton wrote:
> >
> > First, thanks tons for the help.
> >
> > Thanks to your oops trick, I found out that the startx command was waiting
> > for something to resolve the host name which I had set as nix.massmind.org
> > without adding
> >    nix.massmind.org
> > to the hosts file. So x is up again. I'm GUI. <GRIN>

Good to hear it was something simple.

> > The 254 broadcast address was a typo, it was set to .255 and it looks like
> > all the other settings were also correct. I shouldn't be able to ping
> > outside the local net without a proxy connection... and... I managed to
> > stumble over the fact that the "Navigator" that was automatically starting
> > with Linux was not the actual Netscape Navigator web browser... see, the
> > first one, DOESN'T have a place to enter Proxy setting and the second one
> > DOES.

::scratches head:: How odd.  All the Netscape versions I recall dealing
with have an entry for proxy settings.  Maybe this one's a Red Hat Special.
They have a tendancy to do things like that.

> > And you know what? as soon as you enter the proxy settings, everything
> > works great! Imagine that....
> >
> > So now I have web and ftp access from the nix box via a proxy server on the
> > main windows box. I'll set up the email stuff next (I saw where to do
> > that...)
> >
> > But I'd like to get SAMBA running next and haven't read the docs yet, so I
> > will go do that now. And then on to Apache and BIND. Miles to go...

Getting samba running is actually pretty easy.

> there are some pretty decent web based samba configuration tools out
> there which make configuring it alot easier after you get the basics
> working.. I cant remember off hand right now but I'm sure a search
> engine can find them quite well..

One I've used is called swat.  IIRC it's done by the Samba group, so
it outta be keeping up with Samba development.  Since I don't use
samba all that much and the fact that I'm a command line guy I haven't
used swat much.  But from what little of it I did use, it worked fairly
well.  Well enough for what little I was doing, anyway.

Once you have swat installed, you use any web browser to connect to
port 901 on the machine you are doing the samba admin on.  You can
connect from anywhere on your LAN, not just the machine that's running
samba.  When you connect, you'll be prompted to login - you'll need to
use the root login to do any admin.
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