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Thread: Microcontroller with 4 USARTs and 40 pins
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There are some good ideas here, but you have moved the data movement problem
from SERIAL<->PIC to be PIC<->PIC. You're still going to need some hefty
horsepower to do the PIC<->PIC transfers. Remember, the main processor has
to handle all channels at once. MIDI waits for no man (nor PIC) :-)

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(high function, high performance, low level software)

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<002601bfc912$21d58960$b59b9cd1@ramdell> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/serials.htm?key=usart
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Subject (change) Microcontroller with 4 USARTs and 40 pins

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