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I visited http://www.rfsolutions.com web page - but could not
find any references to the RF data rcvrs/xmtrs. Looks
like they are 'repping' various other lines of RF products
as well as providing other RF engineering services targetted
for wireless system's operators (cellular, PCS, trunked 2-way,

I've reviewed Linx Technologies products (link below) in the
past - never bought any of their product (except some of the
900 MHz rubber ducky antennas and samples of their 'patch'
antennas). It looks like they have done their homework - they
basically have three tiers of miniature RF data OEM-level
product, each one offering improved performance/features.


They have detailed technical material of their product in pdf form -

They also offer some ready-made eval boards - hook up RS-232
and go!


Jim P.

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