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Hmmm, you're right i guess. But the scope is a digital one. Even when i
measure a
voltage that goes from 0V to 5V it takes approx. 3 seconds to adjust the
screen. What
one will see is this:

0V -----------------------------

('bout 1 sec later:)

5V       .                 .
0V -----  -------------  ------------

again, 1 sec later:

5V   --    ---      ---
0V --   ---    ----   ----

and, finaly after about 3 seconds:

5V -----------

I think this has to do with how the A/D converter works within the scope...
If i measure a point were
i *suspect* to be 433 MHz all i see is something like 3/4 Vcc, wich could be
the avarage voltage?
I want to say that i mustn't have to measure these 'ready to go'-modules! I
mean, they have to work, don't they?
The only thing i could find on the website of RF Solutions was a ****3****
page datasheet. And after asking some
application information, they reffered to book! That application information
had to be in the datasheet in my humble opinion...
(frustrated, you guessed it right :)

Did anyone get these modules to work? I'm interested in how they did it.


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