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     "  ...Philips 200 Mhz scope...  "

... should still see something as that is usually the
"3 dB point" for the scope's bandwidth ... I once trouble
shot a Tektronix 454 (150 MHz scope) trigger circuit using
just a 10 MHz bandwidth Tek portable - the trigger circuit
incorporated a tunnel diode that excited a 'tank' circuit that
resonated at several hundred MHz ... the indication was only
a small 'blip' when the tunnel diode was working as seen on
the low bandwidth scope.

Take a look at the xmtr with the Philips scope -  433 MHz
is just over an octave higher frequency - and the scope
should show enough to give a yea/nay indication.

Watch out for the the scope probe though - they often have a
much lower cutoff freq than the scope itself. You may have to
rig a short piece of coax and if the scope has a built-in 50 Ohm
termination switch it it to then couple the xmtr output directly
into the scope.

Zero dBm is about .223 V RMS (.6 V Pk-Pk) less any rolloff
in amplitude the scope shows at 433 MHz.

Jim P

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