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For prototypeing purposes we bought a couple of 4 pins 'complete AM radio
transmitters' from R.F. Solutions. Also bought
a couple of matching receivers ofcourse (433 MHz). (http://www.rfsolutions.com).
My problem with them is this: when supplying Vcc (5V) and GND to the
transmitter and connecting a function generator
at the data in, of 2 kHz, 50 % dutycycle (coupled AC or DC) i can't see
anything at the receiving end. I can't measure
if the transmitter is actually oscilating at 433 MHz becouse the fastest
scopes we have is a Philips 200 Mhz scope...

Also the datasheets and the technical support are far beneath appropiate, in
my opinion.

The units were places 20 cm apart and had just a wire of 15 cm as an
antenna. Anybody couped with the same problem?
Anyone have experience with these modules (i mean the AM-RT4-433 transmitter
and the AM-HRR-433 receiver, of RF Solutions)


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