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Thread: Flash and EEPROM based file systems
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>anyone have any code dealing with implementing a file system on either
>FLASH memory or any other type of memory.. I'd like to get a 1 MB flash
>chip and put a small filesystem on it but rather than try to design the
>thing myself I'd like to sample what's out there.. I haven't turned up
>much. I plan on using the Atmel SPI Flash memory chips and figure that
>with a 16 bit pointer I could have access to 4 MB I want to make a tiny
>file server :)

Because of the finite lifetime of eeprom, you might consider one of the
systems used for CD-ROM or CD-RW.

Or, a simple method is the use a linked list directory. When a file gets
replaced more than N times, mark the entry as deleted and replace it with a
new entry the first one is linked to. This results in slower directory
accesses, but predictable write cycling of memory.

Of course, if your data will be write-once and only appended to, you could
use one of the classic simple file systems, such as the CP/M-DOS FAT16
method (well-documented in the IBM Technical Reference Manual for the PC,
or in Dr. Dobbs).

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