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Thread: [EE]: Microcontroller with 4 USARTs
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Of course this depends on the quality of your signal.

This thread has got me to thinking, and coding, and I am pretty sure I've
come up with a way to get 4 in and 4 out at 31250buad on a PIC18CXX2 at 10
MIPS. The trick involves accumulating input samples on each channel and
processing them 5 at a time instead of one-by-one. This idea was inspired by
byte-at-a-time CRC algorithms. Basically you end up with a monster state
machine, about 70 states, with 32 (ie: 2^5) possible inputs for each state.
The state machine is then stored as one whopping big (about 8K) table. But
hey, what's 8K when you've got 32K on chip? :-)

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(high function, high performance, low level software).

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=usart
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