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Thread: Info: Rechargeable Lithium coin cells
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I went looking for info on rechargeable Lithium coin cells and found it very
hard to find anything technical.
Here's the best of my slim pickings.

Most of following sites are subset of this one with good source of battery
technical data including tables etc

Sanyo ML series rechargeable Lithium Manganese coin cells

Varta MC series Lithium Ion coin cells

Varta also do button cells in NiMH which have a much higher max
charge/discharge rate.

Maxell make them too (and sell them via eg Farnell 3031998 etc) but don't
seem to want to tell you about them on their various sites.
A bit at

Std Lithium coin cells - discharge curves. usefulish


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=rechargeable+lithium
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