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Thread: I2C master mode routines for 16F877?
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Achim Vollhardt wrote:
>  I am looking for some experienced guys working with the 16F877 as
> master
>  with I2C protocol.. I have tried to figure out some working routine
> from
>  the datasheet, but in contrast to the USART programming there is no
>  'to-do' list for I2C Master mode.. can anyone help me out as my own
>  routines don't work ?
>  Thanks in advance!
>  Achim Vollhardt
>  TakeThisOuTavollharKILLspamspamEraseMEphysik.unizh.ch

I have the Serial PIC'n book which has some I2C master mode routines in
it that I could probably get for you.. I'll have to look to see if I
legally can but I probably will be able to.. have you looked at the
techref site (link off of http://www.piclist.com) there's ALOT there (I don't
know much about I2C though) But I'd imagine it's there..

                       Damon Hopkins

<393095C7.6961FB00@unity.ncsu.edu> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/i2cs.htm?key=i2c
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