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Thread: Delays got me beat
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Hi Tim and Scott,

As Scott says, I have information about PIC loops on my page at


I recently found out that the section on a certain type of loop (called N2
on my page) was incorrect, so I just corrected that, and added some great
suggestions from Scott and Reggie Burdin. Long overdue update of that page!

It looks like you did a better job of explaining this than I could do,
Scott. The only thing is that I get 3*M*N + 4*M + 1, instead of -1 at the
end. I think you may have forgotten the two instructions at the very top of
the loop, but it is possible that I could be the one making the mistake.


At 06:24 AM 5/26/00 -0500, you wrote:
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>the very last one which only takes two cycles.
>x=0 is a special case. The first time through the loop, x will decrement
to 255.
>So what happens is that the maximum delay time occurs for x=0. And in
fact, the
>time for the loop to execute is 2 + 3*(256-1) cycles. So for x=0 you
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This is
>the time it take for this snippet to execute:
>> Pause Movlw  "value2"
>>           Movwf  N
>> Delay1 Decfsz N
>>          goto Delay1
>There are two cycles for initializing N and then there's the loop. So the
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