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Thread: 16f84/873 time/event counter/stopwatch
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<x-flowed>Hi all
 I would like to build a stopwatch type timer using a 16f84 or -873 @ 4Mhz.
Input on the timer/counter pin should be able to detect a rising edge to
start timer and a falling edge to stop timer(or start/stop pulse too?). I
suppose using internal TMR0/1 and count overflow flag, sum flags, store
result in some reg is the easiest way? Output the reg to portB or portC
LED's to display the time. The time intervals to be counted will probably be
on the order of 10s of milliseconds up to a few seconds. This is just a
learning project to be used to check nested timing loops for my other
projects. My thumb on my TIMEX watch gets worn out pretty fast(pun
intended!). Thanks in advance, Mark
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