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Thread: Advice needed ==>PIC to PIC wireless transmission
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Subject: Advice needed ==>PIC to PIC wireless transmission

> Hello, dear PICListers,
> I need advices, concerning one way wireless transmission of data between
two PIC
> 16F84 (short range, 10-20 meters)
> My project :
> Outside: an autonomous weather station (Wind speed, temperature and rain
> using a PIC 16F84, and powered by solar cells and battery.
> Inside :a terminal part that uses a PIC 16F84 too with LCD display.
> I plan to use a one way wireless transmission between the two 16F84, using
> 432MHz commercial modules : (1 time per minute, emitter on the station,
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> (not tested)
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Usually that's done with ASK, amplitude shift keying. This is what most
garage door openers use. The transmitter can be done with one transistor
oscillator which is keyed on and off by the data. The receiver is a bit more
complex but still not too bad. Most receivers are super regenerative. I'm
not sure off hand where to find plans but you could buy a cheap remote
on/off switch from Radio Shack and copy it. Digi-Key also has some remote
control stuff made by Ming Microsystems.

Dan Mulally

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