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Thread: Audio Ideas?
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James Paul wrote:
>  Yes, I believe all this could be accomplished.   As far as the audio
>  being input directly into the PIC, I would convert it to DC first
>  with a relatively fast filter (short time constant) to smooth the
>  output.  This would be better in my opinion than straight audio AC.
>  As fas as filters, there are many many possibilities.  But yes, this
>  too should work.  Unless you have some very good caps and resistors
>  (or inductors) though, you're not going to be very accurate.
>                                          Regards,
>                                            Jim
Thanks for your response. I am actually most interested in just the VU
meter section - the analyzer was just a "what if" question. What kind of
filter would I need? And why would this be better than just straight
audio AC.

Josh Koffman

<392F59CF.5058CEEF@mb.sympatico.ca> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=audio
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