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Thread: Re: Boosting power of radio modules[EE]
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       Yes, 15.201 pretty much requires that. However, 15.23 allows "home built
devices" as follows...

Sec. 15.23  Home-built devices.

   (a) Equipment authorization is not required for devices that are not
marketed, are not constructed from a kit, and are built in quantities of
five or less for personal use.
   (b) It is recognized that the individual builder of home-built
equipment may not possess the means to perform the measurements for
determining compliance with the regulations. In this case, the builder
is expected to employ good engineering practices to meet the specified
technical standards to the greatest extent practicable. The provisions
of Sec. 15.5 apply to this equipment.

       I don't believe that adding an unauthorized power amplifier or antenna
to a commercial device would make the resulting system "home built." I
believe that this section continues to require that users of home built
equipment comply with all the limits of part 15, but recognizes that a
typical person does not have the means to make the required measurements.


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