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Thread: Re: Boosting power of radio modules[EE]
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I don`t think most of this applies to me as I am in the UK. Believe me if I
thought there was any chance of causing disruption to others I wouldn't`t
even consider it. I know the band I am transmitting on is set aside for
short range keyfob transmitters etc. BTW it is actually 418Mhz I am
transmitting on not 433 as I previously said.

> Harold wrote:
> .....
> >        Assuming you are operating this as an FCC part 15 unlicensed
> intentional
> >radiator (and not some licensed transmitter, such as amateur), the
> >appropriate rules are in part 15.
> >        FCC Rules regarding unlicensed intetional radiators start at
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power.htm?key=power
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