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Thread: Microcontroller with 4 USARTs and 40 pins
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There is a VP on the scenix site with I think 8 USART`s running not sure of
the speed but I know it is on a 50mhz SX28. If you were to get a new 100mhz
SX52/48 I am sure you could do pretty much everything in software, not sure
about the USB.

> Hello,
>     someone knows if there's a microcontroller with 4 USARTs capable of
> working at 31250bps? I need extra 24 I/Os minimum. One USB port would be a
> plus. Also, I would need an A/D converter, but I could use an external
>     Maybe a SCENIX can do 4 USARTs as virtual peripherals???
>     Best regards,
>     Brusque

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/serials.htm?key=usart
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