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Thread: Re: Boosting power of radio modules[EE]
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On Fri, 26 May 2000 10:24:59 -0600 Dan Mulally <RemoveMEdtconspamspamRAPIDNET.COM>
> Mini circuits have several easy to use amplifiers that can boost the
> output
> to up to 30dBm (1Watt) depending on if linearity is desired. Your
> system is
> probably FM so linearity is not needed or desired since linear amps
> are
> inefficient. You need to check the FCC rules.

       Assuming you are operating this as an FCC part 15 unlicensed intentional
radiator (and not some licensed transmitter, such as amateur), the
appropriate rules are in part 15.
       FCC Rules regarding unlicensed intetional radiators start at section
15.201. The table of contents with links to rules is available at
http://hallikainen.com/cgi-bin/section.pl?section=15 .
       In particular, note that 15.201requires such devices to be
"certificated" with the Commission. Adding power amplifiers, etc. would
violate this certification (the equipment is not the same that was
       See also 15.204 which prohibits use of an antenna other than that
supplied with the transmitter on a part 15 intentional radiator.


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