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Subject: PIC ICD

> Hello!
> I'm thinking of buying a MPLAB ICD (in circuit debugger), because I want
to debug code for 16F873.
> Does enybody remember, which PIC microcontrollers does the package contain
(which chips do you receive in the package).
> I'm asking this because in the Microchip aplication note 51184b.pdf (page
23 of the manual) it's written, that for emulating the 16F873 you need a
16F874 attached to the header.
> Thanks for the answer
> Andrej Vuga
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The one I got came with a 16f877 on the demo board which connects to the ICD
board with a 6 wire modular cable (supplied). The demo board has both 40 and
28 pin sockets and the header board which has a socketed 16F877 plugs into
the 40 pin socket on the demo board. The header board also has a modular


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