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Thanks for your reply -

I also found the following on Dontronics page
re Warp-13 ... I've got a clearer picture in
my mind now:

Another major upgrade to the WARP-13 is the re-design of the wiring to the
40-pin zif socket. The
40-pin zif socket can now socket ALL 8-pin, 14-pin, 18-pin, 28-pin (except
14000) and 40-pin
ISP (In-System-Programming also known as ICSP or
In-circuit-serial-programming) compatible
PICs This is all PICs except the 16C5x and 17Cxx family. Previously, on the
WARP-3, the 18-pin
zif was required to program the 8-pin, 14-pin and 18-pin 16Cxx parts.

As all ISP programmable PICs can be programmed in the 40-pin zif socket, the
18-pin zif and the
28-pin 600mil zif are only required for the 18-pin and 28-pin respectively
16C5x parts. As these are
not as commonly used as the ISP programmable PICs this means for many users
the extra cost of
the 18-pin zif socket can be avoided making the WARP-13 even better value
for money.

The WARP-13 features an on board ISP connector suitable for in circuit PIC
programming and
connection to odd pin out devices like the 14000 (Bare adapter PCB supplied)
and the 16C92x
Quad pack parts.

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