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Thread: Video card output in dos?
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Hi all.

You may remember a post by me asking how many monitors could be powered from
one graphics card.  Well I am still playing with multiple monitors.

Here is my problem.

I race model cars and my local club is holding a regional event in a couple
of weeks.  The software used runs in dos (it needs total control of the com
ports).  We would like to have monitors around the track for the refs and

There is a system we could buy but it would cost over £400.

My friend suggested the idea of using a TV card with an analogue output and
send the picture via coax to portable TV's set up around the track.

What I am trying to ask is whether there will be an output from the card
while the dos software is running?

Sorry for the long post, hope someone can help me on this.  If you have any
other ideas how I could do this then please let me know.


Graham North


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/displays.htm?key=video
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