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Thread: PC board transfer
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The problem (as I see it) is that many inkjets (all that I own, for
certain!) have water-soluble ink;  I could print with an InkJet then
photocopy onto glossy paper then fuse THAT onto a PCB, but it doesn't
make a lot of sense to put water-soluble ink down as etch "resist" then
dunk in Ferric Chloride.  (Not pretty when I print onto an envelope then
walk it out to the mailbox in the rain, either.)

The other problem I see with inkjets is that their ink's nowhere near as
"thick" and opaque, as laser printer toner.  So would have to mess with
contrast a little when photocopying.

So, even if you made one to go with a straight media path, still have
problems - Laser's go for $25 occasionally around here used, was given
one free the other day, so I'll stick with laser printers.


Brian Kraut wrote:
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