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Thread: [OT] Impedance Matching a Phone Line
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The phone line impedance should be 600 or 900 Ohms.

You can match to this with an opamp.

Use 47k in series with inverting input with a capacitor (where C = 1/
2*PI*47k*F, F = lowest frequency .. say 20Hz).
Now make feedback resistor = Gain Required x 47k. Say gain is 5, then
feedback resistor is 235k (use 220k or maybe a 500k pot if you want to
adjust the level).

The output of the op-amp goes to a 600 Ohm isolation transformer (Farnell
have small PCB mounting versions for Telecom) via a resistor equal to your
line impedance, the other side of the winding goes to +ve.

This now gives you a balanced, isolated drive to the line. You will need to
do a little more on the line side depending on your application (line seize
and hold circuitry etc)

Hope this is useful to you as a starting point.

David Huisman
Orbit Communications

<002e01bfc5d1$cc1db940$3c00a8c0@advminingtech.com.au> 7bit

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