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Thread: [OT] Impedance Matching a Phone Line
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I am trying to connect the output of a D/A signal to an open phone line to
play audio (sort of similar to the "DTMF decoding with a PIC" thread that is
going on, only I need to transmit DTMF and music).  I have been doing quite
a bit of searching for specifications on telco line impedance and so forth,
but I have yet to find a definitive guide.  I am also strongly leaning to
finding a 3rd party product that would accept a standard 47K ohm impedance
signal from an RCA phono plug shielded type of connector.  If anyone has
information, especially on the latter, I would really appreciate it.


John Clark
Indianapolis, IN


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=
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