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Thread: [EE] Unfused printouts <-- PC board transfer paper play
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On Tue, 23 May 2000, Damon Hopkins wrote:

> Russell McMahon wrote:
> > You could perhaps get a similar result by depowering the fuser roller (or
> > removing it ?) but this would be much harder to do and much more liable to
> > smudge.
> I wonder if it would smudge if you just put a switch on the power supply
> line to the fuser element.. then you could let the paper print manually
> but not fuse it to the paper.. you could print stuff on anything that
> would fit in the printer slot then... It'd probably smudge though..

You'll also have to dummy up the fuser temperature sensor, probably along
with a few others. The laser printer will be very reluctant to print if it
sees anything unusual in the way of fuser temperature, fuser heater
continuity, etc.

Actually, a Xerox 4045 might not be bad for this.  It didn't use a fuser
roller, it used a fuser lamp that fused the toner with radiant heat, no
pressure.  Of course, everything ELSE about the 4045 is such a total,
absolute nightmare, plus they have extremely limited graphics capability.
Well, that and you'll need extra supports for your desk...

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Subject (change) [EE] Unfused printouts <-- PC board transfer paper play

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