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Thread: [EE] Unfused printouts <-- PC board transferpaper play
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This is EXACTLY how the very first XEROX copier worked. It used
a flat piece of metal, coated with selenium, and had a series of
'stations' that you moved the plate through to charge, expose, coat with
toner (flour shaker style), laminate, and fuse (bake). Saw this on a
Discovery Channel program. 1'x1'x3' high desk top office copier. Could
only do single sided pages since the expose cycle was done through the
back of the page. Took about 3 minutes to complete so it didn't get too
far in the marketplace. Then they perfected the continous feed 8511
copier and the
rest is history.

Alan B Pearce wrote:
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<392AE7C4.3880BFCD@UAlberta.ca> 7bit

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Subject (change) [EE] Unfused printouts <-- PC board transferpaper play

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