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Thread: [EE] Phase locking DRO's
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Alan B Pearce wrote:
> constant phase offset to the oscillator signal. The control of this voltage is
> done from a central point to get the IF signal received back at the central
> point phase correlated to one of the other dishes which will be used as a
> reference signal.

As I understand it, this is approximately how it's done. One also has
to match the cable delays to within an IF wavelength. One also
an 'offset' in the LO to accommodate the look angle and it's effects
on path length.

> outside control range at extremes of phase angle difference. The Shera
> electronics with modified control software would probably be the way to go.

We're hoping its adaptable to the task. Why reinvent the wheel?

In theory one doesn't even need a D/A, just PWM and a LPF.


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