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Thread: [EE] Unfused printouts <-- PC board transfer paper play
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>I wonder if it would smudge if you just put a switch on the power supply
>line to the fuser element.. then you could let the paper print manually
>but not fuse it to the paper.. you could print stuff on anything that
>would fit in the printer slot then... It'd probably smudge though..

>From my experience with servicing laser engines, I would say what will happen is
some of the toner will collect on the fuser roller because it is not being fused
into the paper, and then will produce repeat patterns along the paper over the
rest of the image, right where you do not want it. I would like to try Russell's
idea, though possibly taking it one step further. How about charging up the
surface of the laminate in a similar manner to the method used by a laser
printer to charge the image roller, and then shine the image direct onto the
laminate. Pass the laminate through something which will drop toner onto it a
bit like a continuous flow chocolate machine, and then direct fuse the toner to
the laminate. Yeah, I know it is cloud cuckoo land, as it will not be possible
to discharge parts of the laminate using the image because it is a copper sheet
instead of a silicon roller, but it would save some image stretching problems.

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Subject (change) [EE] Unfused printouts <-- PC board transfer paper play

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