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Thread: Flash Card in Oz [EE]
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<x-flowed>At 08:40 PM 5/23/00 +1200, you wrote:
> > At 16:44 5/23/00 +1000, you wrote:
> > >David,
> > >
> > >Have you considered the DataFlash from Atmel ? These are serial
> > >addressable and low cost.
> > >
> > >Regards
> > >David Huisman
> > >Orbit Communications
> > >http://www.orbitcoms.com
> > >NSW
> > >Australia
> >
> > Yes, they look great and are the right price but card format would
> > be better so customers can use them. (just poke it in the slot)
> > Regards...
> >

Brent Brown wrote;
>I believe Atmel produces DataFlash on a card. Simple solution as
>smart card sockets are easy and cheap to get even from Farnell or
>RS. Atmel gave me a big fat no reply last time, interesting to see if
>you come up with something.

Hmmm... I didn't notice them on the Atmel site last time. I might go &
have a look again. Maybe ACD in Melbourne can do a P&A for us?
Farnell & RS have plenty of fairly contact assemblies but no cards!
If anyone's interested I will let the list know what's out there.


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