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Thread: Re: Advice needed ==>PIC to PIC wireless transmission
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>   Ok but that's with money! Some free ideas ?
>  I saw something about two 16f877 connected on radio link
>  It's something visible on net ?
>  Vasile

:-) , there are no such thing as free lunch, one way
or the other one must build something, that manages to
communicate by means of RF. using the chips above would
save you alot of hassle ( not to mention avoiding illegal
RF band usage ). And, trust me, these are VERY cheap
concidering bang for the buck. ( if I recall correctly
something around $10 each ).
About three wires to connect, Din, Dout, Txenable.
And, just checked it, they are at 20kbps, FSK modulated,
standby 8uA, tx 8mA, two channels etc.

Could it be any easier ?

Tony KŸbek, Flintab AB            
E-mail: EraseMEtony.kubekspamspam_OUTflintab.com


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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