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Thread: Flash Card in Oz [EE]
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Hi David,

I've done some work with SmartMedia, problems are :-
It's quit hard to work with if you want it to be dos compatible (read is
easy write is a bitch on a device like a PIC only a little memory).
It's much larger than what you are looking for.
It's relativly expensive.

What about standard memory only (dumb) smartcards ?
They are cheap, readily avaliable, well supported, and pretty robust.
They tend to be EEPROM rather than flash, is this a problem ?


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Subject: Flash Card in Oz [EE]

Hi all,
Has anyone in Australia used flash cards with a PIC before?
I need about 16-32KB of flash memory as a removable card.
Farnell & RS have some stuff but way too expensive for me!
Anyone using something that's easy to get & fairly cheap?

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