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Thread: [EE] PC board transfer paper play
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>hello all,
> a trick i learned was to use 60lb paper in a laser
>printer, the toner has plastic in it, and heavy bond
>ie. 60-120lb paper has clay in it, so you iron it to
>the black PCB and then soak in water, the clay and
>toner stick leaving your artwork, and the rest falss
>cheers, desade

Coated paper has a clay layer (that's the paper that's
used to make "glossy" magazines).

It should be available in letter size from paper
distributors that cater to small printing companies (the
kind that are running ancient Multiliths and similar
sheet fed offset presses).

Such paper is often heavier than regular bond, but you
can buy thin coated paper as well.

It will be very cheap from such a source.

Best regards,

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