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Thread: [EE] Phase locking DRO's
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Well, you have a somewhat complex problem on your hand. You will need
to end up building a Phase locked loop from the cheap DRO's that you
have. You will also  need to come up with a very stable reference
oscillator. Here is a rough ASCII Diagram (Fixed Pitch Font, Please)

 Ref--------Divider-------Phase-------Loop------DRO---------Stable RF
 Osc.                     Detector    Filter         |
                            |                        |
                            |                        |
                            |--- Divider-------------|

This is the canonical block diagram of a Phase Locked loop. You have
the Section marked DRO, and you need to design a build the rest of it.
Once you do that, you will be able to use this as a stable RF source
for doing Radio Astronomy and Radio Interferometry. I have seen
several web sites that talk about amateur radio astronomy, and a good
web search will turn up several, including ones that talk about
interferometry. I think that what you want to search for is Project
Bambi. (I don't name them).

GPS correletors are not the thing that you are looking for, although
you could use a GPS receiver to help with the reference oscillator.
The Accuracy of the reference oscillator determines the accuracy of
the entire system.

I would start with building one dish and then extending it to another

This sounds like a fun project.

Dave Bengtson

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