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John Clark wrote:
>>>Try ST22:  http://www.st.com/stonline/prodpres/smarcard/sc_idx.htm
>Impressive.  I am familiar with the Dallas offerings (in response to the
>other post on this subject), but until a single chip offering for under $5
>is available, I don't think the "Java Everywhere" thing Sun sees will ever
>materialize.  I am pleased to see that ST has developed hardware that will
>natively execute byte code.  Do you know if they have any offerings in SOIC
>or DIP packages?  The scan I just took of the website only revealed
>offerings of naked chips and wafers.

Hi John,

I have no personal knowledge regarding this technology, just a few
links, which you can mine for your own purposes. However, some
poking around uncovered the general area of Javacards, which does
appear to have a lot of action:


I also have some other links to Javacards and smart cards on my site:


best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies


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